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anthony's picture
C. W. Hammond Professor of Chemistry
Aromatic Chemistry, Organic Semiconductors, Materials for flexible electronics, organic synthesis
214 CAER Building #2, 150A Chemistry-Physics Building
datwood's picture
Professor, Director (2010-2016), Environmental & Sustainability Studies Program
Main Group Chemistry: Fundamentals and Applications, Aqueous Contaminants: Speciation and Biological Activity
235 Chemistry-Physics Building
859-257-7304 (office), 859-323-9985 (fax)
sgaw222's picture
Assistant Professor
Chemical Biology, Synthetic Medicinal Chemistry, chemical immunology, Drug discovery
CP-315, CP-310 Lab
8593239561, 8593239530
dabcns's picture
The Alumni Association Endowed Professor of Biological Chemistry, 249 Chem-Phys, 859-257-3184, Director, Redox Metabolism Shared Resource Facility, Markey Cancer Center, 225 HSRB, 859-323-0476, Faculty, Sanders-Brown Center on Aging, Faculty Associate, Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Research Center, Associate Vice President for Research
249 Chemistry-Physics Building
859-257-3184 (office), 859-323-9985 (fax)
acgood1's picture
Associate Professor
27 Chemistry-Physics Building
rch317's picture
Assistant Professor
351 Chemistry-Physics Building
jede222's picture
Associate Professor
Biophysical Chemistry, Supramolecular Self-Assembly, DNA condensation and damage, Environmental Impacts of Nanomaterials, Amyloid Proteins, Nanomaterial Transport in Complex Media, Gene Delivery
387 Chemistry-Physics Building
anfr225's picture
Academic Coordinator Senior, Adjunct Assistant Professor
General Chemistry Labs, Informal learning, Informal Science Education, chemical education
261H Jacobs Science Building
(859) 257-3789
ecgl223's picture
Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry, Photochemistry and Photophysics, Biophysics and Structural Biology, Cancer Drug Discovery
104 Chemistry-Physics Building
krgr233's picture
Associate Professor
Solar Energy, Interface Science, Organic Electronics, thermoelectrics, photoemission spectroscopies
353 Chemistry-Physics Building
rbgros1's picture
Professor of Chemistry
Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Biosynthesis
321 Chemistry-Physics Building
bgu222's picture
Associate Professor, Chemistry, Frank J. Derbyshire Professor of Materials Science
Inorganic Nanomaterials, In Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy
383 Chemistry-Physics Building
migu222's picture
Associate Professor
Mass spectrometry, Photocatalysis, Chromatography, Photochemistry, Prebiotic chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Environmental monitoring
105 Chemistry-Physics Building
dyha223's picture
Research Faculty
ahu325's picture
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Organic Chemistry, Organic Materials, Catalysis, Organometallic Chemistry
209 Chemistry Physics Building
apkaur2's picture
Research Faculty
CP 225
dki235's picture
Associate Professor
375 Chemistry-Physics Building
fladip0's picture
Associate Professor
Biomass conversion
109 Chemistry-Physics Building
lodder's picture
Joint Faculty
355 TODD
malove2's picture
Jack and Linda Gill Professor of Chemistry, Department Chair
349 Chemistry-Physics Building
bclynn2's picture
Professor of Chemistry; Director, UK Mass Spectrometry Facility
Mass spectrometry, Omic, Analytical Separations, Pharmaceutical development, Biomass and Lignin Chemistry, Distilled spirit analysis
A053 ASTeCC Building
meier's picture
Professor of Chemistry, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, Interim Associate Dean of Research
Materials Chemistry, Carbon Materials, Biomass conversion
117A Chemistry-Physics Building
afm's picture
Professor of Chemistry, and of Biochemistry
Enzymes, redox catalysis, flavin-mediated reactions, flavin redox, and photochemistry, enzyme-functionalized electrodes and membranes, spectroscopy, mechanistic enzymology, enzyme engineering
CP 323, Chemistry-Physics Building, Lab CP 390
email: afm@uky.edu
aenune2's picture
161E Jacobs Science Building
(859) 257-5884
jbowen3's picture
261D Jacobs Science Building
spark2's picture
Director of Crystallography, Professor
110 Chemistry-Physics Building
mapatw00's picture
Academic Coordinator Senior, Adjunct Assistant Professor
261J Jacobs Science Building
eepete2's picture
JSB 261-G, Lab: CP-63,67
(859) 257-1871
ciri222's picture
Associate Professor
Biophysics, Membrane receptors, Single Molecule Imaging, Plasmon Enhanced Fluorescence
385 Chemistry-Physics Building
cmri235's picture
Associate Professor of Chemistry, Faculty Director, Office of Undergraduate Research, Associate Editor, Chemistry of Materials
Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Organic Electronics, Energy Storage, Solar Energy
276 CAER Laboratory 2, 150 Chemistry-Physics Building
esant3's picture
Program Manager, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Heterogenous Catalysis, Biomass Utilization
114 Center for Applied Energy Research Laboratory 2
selegue's picture
Professor of Chemistry
Office: 11 Chemistry-Physics Building, Lab: 34 Chemistry-Physics Building
Office: 859-257-3484, Lab: 859-257-5393, Cell: 859-361-6091
assoul2's picture
Senior Lecturer, Director of General Chemistry
261E Jacobs Science Building
hps's picture
Joint Faculty
ast268's picture
161D Academic Science Building
testa's picture
Associate Professor of Chemistry, Director of Undergraduate Studies
Cognitive Psychology in Education, Nucleic Acid Structure and Function, chemical education, Eye Tracking Technology
161-F Jacobs Science Building
859-257-7076, 859-323-9634
jth242's picture
Research Program Manager, Power Generation Research Group (CAER), Adjunct Assistant Professor of Chemistry, ACS Lexington Section Chair - 2022
Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Mass spectrometry, CO2 Capture and Utilization, Biomimetic catalysis
CAER Lab #1 Room 135a, KU Builiding, 1 Quality St, 3rd floor
mdwats2's picture
Associate Professor
15 Chemistry-Physics Building
kwood2's picture
Senior Lecturer
161C Jacobs Science Building, Mailing address: 305 Huguelet Dr. Lexington KY 40506, Office Hours: 261M JSB
dyang0's picture
Professor of Chemistry, University Research Professor
Laser Spectroscopy and Computational Chemistry, Metal Catalysis, Optical Materials
009 Chemistry-Physics Building
859-257-4622 (office), 858-257-6150 (lab)