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David Atwood

Research Interests:
Main Group Chemistry: Fundamentals and Applications
Aqueous Contaminants: Speciation and Biological Activity

University of Alabama, B.S. Chemistry (1987)
University of Texas at Austin, Ph.D. Chemistry (1992)



We conduct research that unites fundamental studies with real-world applications in the general areas of environmental chemistry, metal chelate compounds, and solid-state materials. The research combines aspects of inorganic, organic, analytical, biological, and physical chemistry and consequently utilizes a broad range of analytical techniques. Examples of these techniques are listed in the sidebar, Laboratory Techniques. Much of the research is collaborative and conducted with students and faculty at other institutions and with scientist in industry and national laboratories.

For a more detailed research description please see the sidebar: Research Description.


Graduate Training

Inorganic, Organometallic, and Solid-State Materials Synthesis and Characterization Laboratory Techniques (see sidebar)

Selected Publications:

Publications from 2002 to Present

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