Chemistry GSA Tailgating Event

Probing the Assembly, Functional Relevance, and Dynamics of AcrA in Multi Drug Efflux in Escherichia coli

Synthesis of 6,6- and 7,7-Difluoro-1-Acetamidopyrrolizidines and Their Oxidation Catalyzed by the Nonheme Fe Oxygenase LolO

What’s a nickel worth? Elucidating mechanistic principles of complex metalloenzymes through protein-based models

Photocatalytic Applications of TIO2 For Catechol Degradation and α-FE2O3 for Carbon Dioxide Reduction

Succinylated polyethyleneimine gene delivery agents for enhanced transfection efficacy

Dawson Lecture: Molecular Oxygen as a Reagent in Late Transition Metal Organometallic Chemistry

Thanksgiving Break - Offices Closed

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