Exit Seminar "Oxidative Damage to Brain Cells Underlies: (I) Resistance to Radiation and Increased Tumor Cell Growth in Glioblastoma; (II) ApoE Allele Status Affects Pentose Phosphate Pathway Proteins in Alzheimer Disease Mouse Models"

Exit Seminar: Mechanism of Antibiotic Permeability Through the Gram-negative Bacterial Envelope

Exit Seminar "Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Lignin Model Compounds: Fundamental Investigations of Ionization and Supramolecular Interactions for Lignocellulosic Biomass Applications

Exit Seminar "Structural Basis of Bacterial Flagellin for NAIP5 Binding and NLRC4 Inflammasome Activation and the Mechanism of Bacterial Flagellin Induced Cytokines Release In Vivo"

Graduation Celebration

Probing the Mechanisms of Action of Rhenium Anticancer Agents

The Big Impact of One Small Remote Group for Energy Related Catalysis and Protic Anticancer Compounds

Memorial Day - Offices Closed