Picture Name Contact
jbabbit's picture
Scientific Glassblower
3D Chemistry-Physics Building
(859) 257-7072
jbcarv1's picture
Chemistry & Physics Liaison
310D Science Library
(859) 257-4074
anfr225's picture
Academic Coordinator Senior
261H Jacobs Science Building
(859) 257-3789
cagi232's picture
Department Manager Associate, Department of Chemistry, Part Time Instructor, UK 101
125 Chemistry Physics Building
(859) 257-4741
dkhe222's picture
210 Chemistry-Physics Building
(859) 218-3927
Sehinc2's picture
Instructional Laboratory Coordinator
262 Jacobs Science Building
kahoug2's picture
Assistant to the Director of General Chemistry
261A Jacobs Science Building
(859) 257-3882
jkmobl2's picture
NMR Center Director, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Chemistry
NMR Spectroscopy, Lignin, Catalytic Oxidation, Biomass Utilization, Lignin Characterization, Lignin Utilization and Depolymerization
144 Chemistry-Physics Building
jlva225's picture
Department Manager Senior, Department of Chemistry
125 Chemistry-Physics Building
(859) 257-4930
spark2's picture
Director of Crystallography, Adjunct Associate Professor
117A Chemistry-Physics Building
mapatw00's picture
Academic Coordinator Senior
261J Jacobs Science Building
asebe1's picture
Science Technologist II
24 Chemistry-Physics Building
(859) 257 7074
wdwhit3's picture
Department Manager
127 Chemistry/Physics Building
(859) 257-7080
mkwo226's picture
Instructional Lab Coordinator Senior
362 Jacobs Science Building
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