Anne-Frances Miller

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  • Professor of Chemistry, and of Biochemistry
  • Biological
  • Chemistry
CP 113, Chemistry-Physics Building, Lab CP 106
Research Interests:

Ph.D Yale University, 1989

Postdoctoral, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1989-90

Postdoctoral Fellow, Brandeis Univ. 1990-92

  • Enzymatic Redox Catalysis - Miller Group website
  • See the Group Website !! (College website maintained as finances allow)
Graduate Training

Bioinorganic Chemistry, Spectroscopy, Biochemistry

PubMed Publications*: 
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  • Duan, HD ;Lubner, CE ;Tokmina-Lukaszewska, M ;Gauss, GH ;Bothner, B ;King, PW ;Peters, JW ;Miller, AF "Distinct properties underlie flavin-based electron bifurcation in a novel electron transfer flavoprotein FixAB from <i>Rhodopseudomonas palustris</i>." The Journal of biological chemistry 293, 13 (2018): 4688-4701. Details. Full text
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