Samuel G. Awuah

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CP-019, CP-006 Lab
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Ph.D. University of Oklahoma, 2013
Postdoctoral Associate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2014-2016


Research in the Awuah laboratory focuses on innovative drug discovery through computer-aided drug design, genetic editing, and rigorous chemical synthesis of organic and inorganic small molecule probes to interrogate human biology processes and disease states towards new therapeutics. We seek to evaluate efficacy of lead drug candidates in relevant disease models. Our laboratory is pivoted on three overarching themes involving, drug discovery, chemical biology, and chemical immunology.

Selected Publications: 
PubMed Publications*: 
  • Olelewe, C ;Kim, JH ;Ofori, S ;Mertens, RT ;Gukathasan, S ;Awuah, SG "Gold(III)-P-chirogenic complex induces mitochondrial dysfunction in triple-negative breast cancer." iScience 25, 5 (2022): 104340. Details. Full text
  • Kim, Hyun ;Ofori, S ;Mertens, RT ;Parkin, S.;Awuah, SG "Water-Soluble Gold(III)-Metformin Complex Alters Mitochondrial Bioenergetics in Breast Cancer Cells." ChemMedChem 16, 20 (2021): 3222-3230. Details. Full text
  • Kim, JH ;Ofori, S ;Parkin, S.;Vekaria, H ;Sullivan, PG ;Awuah, SG "Anticancer gold(iii)-bisphosphine complex alters the mitochondrial electron transport chain to induce <i>in vivo</i> tumor inhibition." Chemical science 12, 21 (2021): 7467-7479. Details. Full text
  • Gukathasan, S ;Parkin, S.;Black, EP ;Awuah, SG "Tuning Cyclometalated Gold(III) for Cysteine Arylation and Ligand-Directed Bioconjugation." Inorganic chemistry 60, 19 (2021): 14582-14593. Details. Full text
  • Mertens, RT ;Jennings, WC ;Ofori, S ;Kim, JH ;Parkin, S.;Kwakye, GF ;Awuah, SG "Synthetic Control of Mitochondrial Dynamics: Developing Three-Coordinate Au(I) Probes for Perturbation of Mitochondria Structure and Function." JACS Au 1, 4 (2021): 439-449. Details.
  • Ofori, S ;Gukathasan, S ;Awuah, SG "Gold-Based Pharmacophore Inhibits Intracellular MYC Protein." Chemistry (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany) 27, 12 (2021): 4168-4175. Details. Full text
  • Arojojoye, AS ;Mertens, RT ;Ofori, S ;, ;Awuah, SG "Synthesis, Characterization, and Antiproliferative Activity of Novel Chiral QuinoxP*AuCl<sub>2</sub> <sup>+</sup> Complexes." Molecules (Basel, Switzerland) 25, 23 (2020): Details. Full text
  • Mertens, RT ;Parkin, S.;Awuah, SG "Cancer cell-selective modulation of mitochondrial respiration and metabolism by potent organogold(iii) dithiocarbamates." Chemical science 11, 38 (2020): 10465-10482. Details. Full text
  • Mertens, RT ;Parkin, S.;Awuah, SG "Exploring six-coordinate germanium(IV)-diketonate complexes as anticancer agents." Inorganica chimica acta 503, 1 (2020): Details.
  • George, N ;Ofori, S ;Parkin, S.;Awuah, SG "Correction: Mild deprotection of the <i>N-tert</i>-butyloxycarbonyl (<i>N</i>-Boc) group using oxalyl chloride." RSC advances 11, 2 (2020): 780. Details. Full text
  • Dennis, EK ;Kim, JH ;Parkin, S.;Awuah, SG ;Garneau-Tsodikova, S "Distorted Gold(I)-Phosphine Complexes as Antifungal Agents." Journal of medicinal chemistry 63, 5 (2020): 2455-2469. Details. Full text
  • Mertens, RT ;, ;Awuah, SG "Synthesis and crystal structure of 1,3-bis-(4-hy-droxy-phen-yl)-1<i>H</i>-imidazol-3-ium chloride." Acta crystallographica. Section E, Crystallographic communications 75, Pt 9 (2019): 1311-1315. Details.
  • Ofori, S ;Awuah, SG "Small-Molecule Poly(ADP-ribose) Polymerase and PD-L1 Inhibitor Conjugates as Dual-Action Anticancer Agents." ACS omega 4, 7 (2019): 12584-12597. Details. Full text
  • Kim, JH ;Reeder, E ;Parkin, S.;Awuah, SG "Gold(I/III)-Phosphine Complexes as Potent Antiproliferative Agents." Scientific reports 9, 1 (2019): 12335. Details. Full text
  • Gukathasan, S ;Parkin, S.;Awuah, SG "Cyclometalated Gold(III) Complexes Bearing DACH Ligands." Inorganic chemistry 58, 14 (2019): 9326-9340. Details. Full text
  • Kim, JH ;Mertens, RT ;Agarwal, A ;Parkin, S.;Berger, G ;Awuah, SG "Direct intramolecular carbon(sp<sup>2</sup>)-nitrogen(sp<sup>2</sup>) reductive elimination from gold(iii)." Dalton transactions (Cambridge, England : 2003) 48, 18 (2019): 6273-6282. Details. Full text
  • Mertens, RT ;Kim, JH ;Jennings, WC ;Parkin, S.;Awuah, SG "Revisiting the reactivity of tetrachloroauric acid with N,N-bidentate ligands: structural and spectroscopic insights." Dalton transactions (Cambridge, England : 2003) 48, 6 (2019): 2093-2099. Details. Full text
  • Tan, X ;Awuah, SG "A cell-based screening system for RNA polymerase I inhibitors." MedChemComm 10, 10 (2019): 1765-1774. Details. Full text
  • George, N ;Ofori, S ;Parkin, S.;Awuah, SG "Mild deprotection of the <i>N</i>-<i>tert</i>-butyloxycarbonyl (<i>N</i>-Boc) group using oxalyl chloride." RSC advances 10, 40 (0): 24017-24026. Details. Full text
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