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Assistant Professor
Biophysics and Structural Biology, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, Molecular Dynamics Simulations, Genome Biology, Physical Chemistry
351 Chemistry-Physics Building
Associate Professor
Biophysical Chemistry, Supramolecular Self-Assembly, DNA condensation and damage, Environmental Impacts of Nanomaterials, Amyloid Proteins, Nanomaterial Transport in Complex Media, Gene Delivery
387 Chemistry-Physics Building
Associate Professor, Chemistry
Frank J. Derbyshire Professor of Materials Science
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Inorganic Nanomaterials, In Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy
383 Chemistry-Physics Building
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Environmental Chemistry & Analytical Chemistry
Mass spectrometry, Photocatalysis, Chromatography, Photochemistry, Prebiotic chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Environmental monitoring
105 Chemistry-Physics Building
Associate Professor
electrochemical energy conversion, single-atom catalysis, in-situ/operando spectroscopy
375 Chemistry-Physics Building
Associate Professor
Biophysics, Membrane receptors, Single Molecule Imaging, Plasmon Enhanced Fluorescence
385 Chemistry-Physics Building
John C. Hubbard Professor of Chemistry
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Faculty Director, Office of Undergraduate Research
Associate Editor, Chemistry of Materials
Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Organic Electronics, Energy Storage, Solar Energy
276 CAER Laboratory 2
Professor of Chemistry
University Research Professor
Laser Spectroscopy and Computational Chemistry, Metal Catalysis, Optical Materials
009 Chemistry-Physics Building
859-257-4622 (office), 858-257-6150 (lab)
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