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Richards, Pauly Research Mechanism of Nicotine Addiction

By Gail Hairston

Two University of Kentucky professors have been awarded funding to help elucidate the mechanism of nicotine addiction and to identify targets for nicotine cessation therapeutics.

Richards and Pauly Awarded funds for Research on Therapeutic Targeting in Nicotine Addiction

Assistant Professor Chris Richards (UK Chemistry) and Professor James Pauly (UK Pharmacy) have been awarded funding to help elucidate the mechanism of nicotine addiction and to identify targets for nicotine cessation therapeutics. The $760,000 grant awarded by the National Institutes of Health is titled "Single Molecule Determination of nAChR Structural Assembly for Therapeutic Targeting.”

Light Microscopy Core Instruments, Staff Boost Research Capacity at UK

The Light Microscopy Core, a newly named research core facility under the auspices of the Office of the Vice President for Research, has invested $1.3 million in two new microscopes to support an array of research across the University of Kentucky. Dr.

UK Researchers DeRouchey, Richards and Yang Awarded NSF Grant to Develop New Imaging and Data Collection Platform

 A new instrument to be developed by University of Kentucky researchers will overcome current limitations in fluorescence microscopy and could accelerate basic scientific discoveries.

Biomolecular Capture and Transport Through Synthetic Nanopores

Friday, April 1, 2016 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm
CP - 114
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Abstract: Nanopores are miniaturized electrical sensors with arguably the smallest detection volumes (sub-yoctometers, or below 10-24 m3).[1]Detection of molecules using nanopores involves electrical monitoring of ion current flow through a pore using a pair of electrodes placed across the nanopore-containing membrane. Our group focuses on the use of nanopores that range from 1 to 10 nm in all dimensions (diameter and thickness). We fabricate such nanopores using a combination of state-of-the-art ultrathin membrane fabrication and focused electron beam irradiation using a transmission electron microscope. Recently, we have found that nanopore dimensions critically determine the quality of detection and discrimination of biomolecules. I will talk about our efforts to distinguish different types of tRNA molecules, RNA-drug complexes,[2]and proteins[3]. In addition, I will mention our efforts to control DNA transport through nanopores, useful for genomic mapping.[4]Finally, I will mention our studies that probe nucleosomal interactions and influence by epigenetic factors,[5]as well as our latest efforts in combining nanopores and optical waveguides for direct DNA sequencing from picogram-level genetic material

UK's Chris Richards Awarded Human Frontier Science Program Research Grant

Chris Richards, assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry, received a Human Frontier Science Program research grant for a project focused on understanding complex biological processes.

UK Chemistry Department Hosts 2013 Naff Symposium

The University of Kentucky's annual Naff Symposium will host three leading chemistry experts from around the world, including a Nobel prize winner, Friday, April 12, at UK's William T. Young Library auditorium.

New Faculty 2012: Meet Chris Richards

The Department of Chemistry is excited to welcome professor Chris Richards to its faculty!

Professor Richards joins us this fall to research cell membrane receptors. His research group integrates nanotechnology, neuroscience, and biophysical chemistry, and is developing imaging techniques to investigate how these receptors are involved in the mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases and addiction.

This podcast is part of a series highlighting the new faculty members who joined the College of Arts and Sciences in the fall 2012 semester.

Produced by Stephen Gordinier.


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