Undergraduate Degrees

  • B.S. Degree in Chemistry
    The Department of Chemistry offers a program leading to an ACS-certified Bachelor of Science degree for students who intend to become professional chemists or do graduate work in chemistry.
  • B.S. Degree in Chemistry with a Biochemistry Emphasis
    The Bachelor of Science 'Biochemistry' program is a multidisciplinary program for students who desire to enter professional health fields (including doctors and dentists), to become professional chemists and biochemists, or to do graduate work in chemistry and biochemistry.  This program requires more biology and less upper level chemistry courses than the traditional B.S. Chemistry degree.     
  • B.A. Degree in Chemistry
    A Bachelor of Arts degree program is available for students who want greater flexibility in the selection of courses in other fields of science in addition to basic training in chemistry. The B.A. program is designed particularly for students planning to enter the professional health fields, to teach in secondary schools, or to work in such varied areas as technical service, patent law, or ecology.
  • Double Major in Chemistry
    You can earn a B.A. in Chemistry in addition to a degree in your home department by fulfilling the departmental (but not college) requirements for a B.A.
  • Minor in Chemistry
    The Department also offers a minor concentration in Chemistry.
  • Advanced Degrees in Chemistry
    The department also offers M.S. and Ph.D. degrees.
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