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BA in Chemistry for Students Who Plan to Earn a PharmD

Many Chemistry majors are interested in eventually earning a PharmD degree. In fact, Chemistry majors have a much higher rate of admission into the UK PharmD program than do most other majors. The College of Pharmacy allows students to begin the PharmD program after only three years of undergraduate study, meaning that many students who enter the PharmD program never complete their baccalaureate degree. To address this problem, the Department of Chemistry has designed a curriculum that allows Chemistry majors to complete most of the requirements for a Chemistry BA degree in only three years, although some summer courses are likely to be required. After the third year, if a student enters the UK PharmD program, a student who has followed the curriculum closely will be able to complete the BA degree in one more semester by applying some of their PharmD courses toward the Chemistry BA. On the other hand, if a student does not enter the UK PharmD program at that time, the student will still be able to finish the Chemistry BA degree in only one more semester. Please contact your academic advisor or the Department of Chemistry’s Director of Undergraduate Studies if you are considering eventually pursuing a PharmD degree.



Year 1

Fall     Spring     Summer  
CHE 105 (UK Core Natural Science) 4   CHE 107 4   UK Core Humanities 3
CHE 111 (UK Core Natural Science) 1   CHE 113 1   UK Core Citizenship 3
MA 113 (UK Core Quantitative) 4   MA 114 4      
BIO 148 3   BIO 152 3      
UK 101 1   BIO 155 1      
Language 201 3   Language 202 3      
Total 16   Total 16   Total: 6

Year 2

Fall     Spring     Summer  
WRD 110 (UK Core Composition) 3   WRD 111 (UK Core Composition) 3   UK Core Global Dynamics 3
CHE 230 3   CHE 232 3   A&S Humanities 3
CHE 231 1   CHE 233 1      
PHY 211 5   PHY 213 5      
CHE 226 3   BIO 304 (MFO) 4      
Total 15   Total 16   Total 6

Year 3

Fall     Spring     Summer  
CHE 440G 3   CHE 441 2   UK Core Social Science 3
CHE 550 (MFO) 3   CHE 552 (MFO) 3   A&S Hum 3
BIO 308 (MFO) 3   WRD 310 (Graduate Composition) 3      
BIO 309 (MFO) 2   PGY 206 3      
ECO 201 (A&S Social Science) 3   ANA 209 3      
STA 296 (UK Core Statistical) 3   UK Core Arts 3      
Total 17   Total 17   Total 6

Total credit hours (years 1-3): 115


If admitted into PharmD program:     If not admitted into PharmD program:  
Year P1 - Fall     Year 4 - Fall  
PHR 910 3   XXX XXX (MFO) 3
PHR 911 (MFO) 3   XXX XXX (MFO) 3
PHR 912 (MFO) 3   A&S Social Science 3
PHR 913 (A&S Social Science) 3   XXX XXX 3
PHR 914 2      
PHR 915 5      
Total 19   Total 12


  1. Courses shaded in blue are required or recommended by the UK College of Pharmacy. Courses shaded in yellow are counted toward both the BA and the PharmD degrees. MFO = major field option.
  2. The curriculum assumes that entering students will place into the third semester of a four-course language sequence.
  3. Students must take the CHE, MA, and PHY courses in the provided order. However, students may take UK Core and A&S requirements in any order, not just the one that is suggested.
  4. The curriculum requires that students take six credits of required courses each summer after each of their first three years. However, students may satisfy many of these requirements with AP or transfer credit. Also, many courses that are scheduled to be satisfied during the summer term are now offered online during that term.
  5. Students may take a different 300-level or higher CHE course in place of CHE 552 (Biological Chemistry II).