About Chemistry

Department Information
Address: Phone: Fax: Email:
Department of Chemistry
University of Kentucky
505 Rose St
125 Chemistry-Physics Building
Lexington, KY 40506-0055
(859) 257-4741
(800) 944-CHEM [2436]
(859) 323-9985 chemistry@uky.edu

For more contact details, names listed below are linked to profiles.

Department Chair Mark Meier
Director of Graduate Studies & Associate Chair Mark Lovell
Director of Undergraduate Studies Arthur Cammers
Director of General Chemistry Allison Soult


Main Office Staff
CP-125 | chemistry@uky.edu | 257-4741
Department Manager
W. Daniel Whittaker
Department Manager
Jennifer Owen
Department Manager
Christine Gildersleeve
General Chemistry Assistant
Kevin Hough
Faculty Affairs

Payroll & HR Liaison
Support Form

Space & Facilities
Access Requests, Inventory, Surplus, Special Projects/Renovations

IT Services
Listserv, SharePoint, Website,
UKIT Security Liaison
Graduate Program
Assistant to Director of Graduate Studies, Graduate School Liaison, Overrides (CHE 767/790), Student Accounts Liaison

Office Administration
Student Worker Supervisor, Staff Meetings
Academic & Enrollment
Assistant to the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Course Scheduling, Course Syllabi, Overrides (CHE 200-499)

Coordination and Promotion

Office Hospitality
Parking & Room Reservations
General Chemistry
Excused Absences, Proctoring Schedules, Overrides (CHE 100-199), Exams (Bypass, Alternate, Make-up), Learning Platforms (Canvas, Examsoft, REEF, Sapling)


General Chemistry Teaching Lab Support
CP-33 | 257-7059
Michael Conroy


Organic/Upper Division Chemistry Teaching Lab Support
CP-333 | 257-3717
Ed Duhr


Technical Services
Electronics Shop Glassblowing Services

For a complete list of Department staff, see the department's Staff Directory.

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