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Speaker(s) / Presenter(s) Date
Exit Seminar: "Surface Modification of Carbon-Based Electrodes for Electrochemical Conversion Processes: Oxygen Reduction Reaction and Bicarbonate Conversion" Udari Kodithuwakku -
Dawson Lecture: "Polymeric Materials for Lifecycle Control" Dr. Jeffrey S Moore -
Exit Seminar: "Nanomaterial Synthesis and Real Time Investigation of Thermal Effects on Nanomaterial and Nano-Interfaces for Real World Applications" Rose Pham -
Exit Seminar: "The Application of Photoelectron Spectroscopies in Analyzing the Impact of Interfacial Energetics on Perovskite Solar Cells" Tuo Liu -
"From Lab to Fab: Roll-to-roll Processed Large-area Electrochromic Windows" Dr. Jianguo Mei -
"Chilling a Biochemical Hot Potato: Stable Acyl-thioester Analogs to Study Fatty Acid & Polyketide Biosynthesis" Dr. Jeremy Lohman -
Exit Seminar: "Cell-engineered Vesicles for Therapeutic Delivery and Immunomodulatory Applications" Khaga Neupane -
"An Overview of Environmental Research at the U.S Army Engineer Research and Development Center" Drs. Elizabeth Ferguson, Matt Glasscott, and Ashley Kimball -
Exit Seminar: "Development of Fluorescent Based Approaches to Understand Astrocyte Biology in the Context of Nicotine and Nicotinic Receptor Activity" Surya Aryal -
"Defects & Doping in Metal-Organic Frameworks" Dr. Christopher Hendon -
Exit Seminar: "Translating chemistry, structure, and processing to the solid-state morphology and function of organic semiconductors through computational modeling and simulations" Chamikara Karunasena -
Susan A. Odom Lecture: "Advances in Polyoxovanadate-alkoxide Cluster Synthesis with Application in Nonaqueous Redox-flow Batteries" Dr. Ellen Matson
"Landscapes of Genomic Architecture Across Evolution" Dr. Michele Di Pierro -
"Employing Organic Synthesis to Address Human Health Problems" Dr. Francis Yoshimoto -
"Synergistic Organometallic Catalysis in Water: Selective, Scalable, & Sustainable" Dr. Sachin Handa -
Exit Seminar: "1,2-Diamination of alkenes via reduction of 1,2,3-triazolinium ions" Setareh Saryazdi -
Probing the Mechanisms of Action of Rhenium Anticancer Agents Dr. Justin Wilson -
The Big Impact of One Small Remote Group for Energy Related Catalysis and Protic Anticancer Compounds Dr. Elizabeth Papish -
Exit Seminar "Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Lignin Model Compounds: Fundamental Investigations of Ionization and Supramolecular Interactions for Lignocellulosic Biomass Applications Kimberly Dean -
Exit Seminar "Oxidative Damage to Brain Cells Underlies: (I) Resistance to Radiation and Increased Tumor Cell Growth in Glioblastoma; (II) ApoE Allele Status Affects Pentose Phosphate Pathway Proteins in Alzheimer Disease Mouse Models" Nicole Rummel -
Exit Seminar "Developments in Gold(III) Scaffolds for Protein Bioconjugation and Enhanced Anticancer Activity" Sailajah Gukathasan -
Exit Seminar "Design and Synthesis of New Organic Dithiols for Environmental Applications" Shashika Bandara -
Exit Seminar: Synthesis and In Situ Characterization of Intercalated Transition Metal Oxide Nanomaterials Investigated for Novel Cathode Applications Ahamed Ullah -
Polymer-based mixed conductors for applications in bioelectronics Jonathan Rivnay -
What’s a nickel worth? Elucidating mechanistic principles of complex metalloenzymes through protein-based models Dr. Hannah Shafaat, Ohio State University -