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eprElectron Paramagnetic Resonance spectroscopy, or EPR, ESR (electron spin resonance) or FMR (ferromagnetic resonance) is a method for directly observing unpaired electrons.  The facility is located in room 29 of the Chemistry-Physics Building.
The facility currently comprizes an X-band Bruker EMX300 instrument with a cryostat and temperature controller for routine use at temperatures as low as 80 K. In the last few years, the spectrometer has been equipped with an Oxford 900 liquid He cryostat, transfer line and temperature controller permitting data collection at temperatures as low as 3.6 K. The microwave bridge has been updated with a Gunn diode and a new resonator cavity has more than doubled our signal-to-noise.
We welcome researchers from all units of the University of Kentucky to use the instruments, upon receiving training. Training is mandatory. To receive training, please email Prof. A.-F. Miller. Corporate users are also welcome, again upon training.
In addition, Prof. Miller offers a lecture series on interpreting EPR spectra. Notes from the first two lectures can be downloaded below.