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Chemistry Graduate Student Bethany Hudak's Research featured on the Cover of Journal of Materials Science

An ultra-high resolution microscopy image of a thermoelectric material with the beautiful skutterudite structure will be featured on the July 2016 cover of the Journal of Materials Science. Chemistry graduate student Bethany Hudak contributed the image to the an article on skutterudite thermoelectric materials which was published online in March 2016. Bethany's analysis demonstrated the direct observation of the relationship between atomic structure and thermoelectric properties in these materials.

Bethany is a doctoral student in the research group of Assistant Professor Beth Guiton in the Department of Chemistry, and plans to graduate with her PhD in June 2016. Bethany will pursue a career as a solid state materials chemist and microscopist.


Citation: J. Mater. Sci. 2016, 51, 6117-6132