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Zach Cox


I originally hail from Owensboro, KY and went to undergraduate at the Southeast Missouri State University from 2012-2017. I finished with a BA in Chemistry and Physics. I was a member of the schools football team my entire time there. I was also a member of the school's student athletic advisory committee and worked on different initiatives to improve overall health and safety of students, especially when it comes to head injuries. My particular interest in Chemistry can be attributed to watching programs like Bill Nye the Science Guy and Carl Sagan's "Cosmos". I was curious on natural phenomena that occur within our world and universe and luckily, chemistry provided me an opportunity to test those curiosities.

My specific interests as it pertains to my field is I love anything to do with biochemistry but especially the influence that neurochemicals and neural homeostasis have on our entire body. Specifically, the mechanisms and interactions that occur when dealing with traumatic brain injuries. Not only do I enjoy researching TBI's, but I also find the electrochemical interactions that occur or the chemical markes that are made within our learning and memory processes. I also enjoy anything that has to deal with astrobiochemistry and astrochemistry in general. That topic is out of this world.

Besides lame attempts at humor, when I am not researching or teaching, I enjoy snowboarding, rock concerts, and catching up on TV shows (especially comedy or scifi).

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