Surya Aryal

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  • Chemistry
CP 212
Research Interests:
Graduate Student, Teaching and Research Assistant

BS Chemistry, Minor-Physics and Mathematics, Tribhuvan University

MS Physical Chemistry, Tribhuvan University

Ph.D. candidate, Department of Chemistry, University of Kentucky

Selected Publications: 

PubMed Publications*: 
  • Aryal, SP ;Xia, M ;Adindu, E ;Davis, C ;Ortinski, PI ;Richards, CI "ER-GCaMP6f: An Endoplasmic Reticulum-Targeted Genetic Probe to Measure Calcium Activity in Astrocytic Processes." Analytical chemistry 94, 4 (2022): 2099-2108. Details. Full text
  • Neupane, KR ;Kopper, TJ ;Lakes, JE ;Aryal, SP ;Abdullah, M ;Snell, AA ;Gensel, JC ;Kolesar, J ;Richards, CI "Macrophage-Engineered Vesicles for Therapeutic Delivery and Bidirectional Reprogramming of Immune Cell Polarization." ACS omega 6, 5 (2021): 3847-3857. Details. Full text
  • Masud, AA ;Arefin, SMN ;Fairooz, F ;Fu, X ;Moonschi, F ;Srijanto, BR ;Neupane, KR ;Aryal, S ;Calabro, R ;Kim, DY ;Collier, CP ;Chowdhury, MH ;Richards, CI "Photoluminescence Enhancement, Blinking Suppression, and Improved Biexciton Quantum Yield of Single Quantum Dots in Zero Mode Waveguides." The journal of physical chemistry letters 12, 13 (2021): 3303-3311. Details. Full text
  • Aryal, SP ;Fu, X ;Sandin, JN ;Neupane, KR ;Lakes, JE ;Grady, ME ;Richards, CI "Nicotine induces morphological and functional changes in astrocytes via nicotinic receptor activity." Glia 69, 8 (2021): 2037-2053. Details. Full text
  • Aryal, SP ;Fu, X ;Masud, AA ;Neupane, KR ;Richards, CI "Single-Molecule Studies of Membrane Receptors from Brain Region Specific Nanovesicles." Bio-protocol 11, 10 (2021): e4018. Details. Full text
  • Aryal, SP ;Neupane, KR ;Masud, AA ;Richards, CI "Characterization of Astrocyte Morphology and Function Using a Fast and Reliable Tissue Clearing Technique." Current protocols 1, 10 (2021): e279. Details. Full text
  • Modi, B ;Koirala, N ;Aryal, SP ;Shrestha, J ;Koirala, S ;Upadhyaya, J ;Basnyat, RC ;Nassan, MA ;Alqarni, M ;Batiha, GE "Tinospora cordifolia (Willd.) Miers: phytochemical composition, cytotoxicity, proximate analysis and their biological activities." Cellular and molecular biology (Noisy-le-Grand, France) 67, 1 (2021): 50-57. Details.
  • Sandin, JN ;Aryal, SP ;Wilkop, T ;Richards, CI ;Grady, ME "Near Simultaneous Laser Scanning Confocal and Atomic Force Microscopy (Conpokal) on Live Cells." Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE 162 (2020): Details. Full text
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