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Mark Crocker


BSc. University of Bristol, 1982
Ph.D. University of Bristol, 1985
NATO Postdoctoral Fellow, U. of Wisconsin-Madison, 1985-87


Research in our group is focused on two principal objectives: to reduce the environmental impacts of fuel use and to develop renewable fuel sources. Central to these goals is the application of catalysis. In addition to the synthesis of novel catalysts, studies are conducted to probe catalyst structure, mode of action and deactivation mechanisms.

Research is conducted at the UK Center for Applied Energy Research (CAER) in collaboration with a number of other university departments and external institutions, and is performed by both students and CAER staff. Collaboration between CAER and the various science and engineering departments at UK allows students to receive traditional graduate and undergraduate education, while being exposed to the unique multidisciplinary environment at CAER. For an overview of the main topics currently being researched please refer to the CAER website:

Graduate Training

Organometallic chemistry

Selected Publications:
  • J. Roberts, Y. Song, M. Crocker, C. Risko, “A Genetic Algorithmic Approach to Determine the Structure of Li-Al Layered Double Hydroxides”, J. Chem. Information Modeling, 2020,

  • Y. Zhu, J. Cheng, X. Xu, Z. Zhang, S. Chen, J. Tian, W. Yang, M. Crocker, “Simultaneous promotion of photosynthesis and astaxanthin accumulation during two stages of Haematococcus pluvialis with ammonium ferric citrate”, Sci. Total Environ., 750 (2020) 141689.

  • M.H. Wilson, A. Shea, J. Groppo, C. Crofcheck, D. Quiroz, J.C. Quinn, M. Crocker, “Algae-based Beneficial Re-use of Carbon Emissions Using a Novel Photobioreactor:  A Techno-economic and Life Cycle Analysis”, Bioenergy Res., 2020, DOI 10.1007/s12155-020-10178-9.

  • B. Chen, Q. Zhao, L. Yu, M. Crocker, C. Shi, “New insights into the size and support effects of γ-Al2O3 supported Au catalyst for HCHO oxidation at room temperature”. Catal. Sci. Technol., 10 (2020) 4571.

  • Q. Zhao, B. Chen, M. Crocker, C. Shi, “Insights into the structure-activity relationships of highly efficient CoMn oxides for the low temperature NH3-SCR of NOx”, Appl. Catal. B, 277 (2020) 119215.

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  • M. Al-Amery, A.B. Downie, S. DeBolt, M. Crocker, K. Urschel, B. Goff, N. Teets, J. Gollihue, D. Hildebrand, “Proximate composition of enhanced DGAT high oil, high protein soybeans”, Biocatal. Agri. Biotechnol., 21 (2019) 101303.

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  • A. Aher, R. Sarma, M. Crocker, D. Bhattacharyya, “Selective molecular separation of lignin model compounds by reduced graphene oxide membranes from solvent-water mixture, Sep. Pur. Technol., 230 (2020) 115865.

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