Isoiza Kehinde Ojo

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  • Chemistry
Chemistry-Physics Building Lexington, KY 40506-0055
Research Interests:

BSc. Biochemistry, University of Benin, Nigeria

MSc. Biochemistry, University of Benin, Nigeria

Selected Publications: 
Ojo, I.K ; Obi, F.O; Adaikpo, M.A and Ufebe, O.G. Evaluation of Biomolecular Indices of Stress in Cadmium and Hisbiscus sabdarifa Calyx Extract -Exposed African Cat Fish (Clarias gariepinus). Nig. J. Life Sci. 5 (2): 2015
Researh Projects

Bachelor's Degree Thesis: Changes in ATPases and Malondialdehyde in the Clitellum Section of Earthworms (Lumbricus terrestris) Exposed to Water Insoluble Fraction of Crude Oil

Masters Degree Thesis:  Evaluation of the Effects of the Aqueous Extract of Hisbiscus sabdariffa on Cadmium-Induced Biochemical Changes in the Brain and Serum of African Cat fish (Clarias gariepinus)

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