Fan Huang

FHU223's picture
  • Research Assistant
  • Chemistry
A061 ASTeCC Bldg, Mass Spec Center

B. S. Chemistry, University of Science & Technology of China (USTC,09/2006-07/2010)

Selected Publications: 

Guolin Ma, Yuanzeng Min, Fan Huang, Tao Jiang, Yangzhong Liu. Thioether binding mediates monofunctional platinum antitumor reagents to trans configuration in DNA interactions. Chem. Commun. 2010, 46, 6938-6940

Guolin Ma, Fan Huang, Xuewei Pu, Liangyuan Jia, Tao Jiang, Lianzhi Li, and Yangzhong Liu* Identification of PtCl2(phen) Binding Modes in Amyloid-b Peptide and Mechanism Implication for Inhibition of Ab Aggregation. Chemistry - A European Journal. 2011, Accepted

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