Organic Chemistry Learning Center

The Organic Chemistry Learning Center is located in JSB-331 and is open to any student needing help with introductory organic chemistry classes. All help is provided on a drop-in basis by TAs from the organic chemistry lab courses.
If you have any questions or concerns about the Learning Center, please contact Dr. Lisa Blue.  For concerns about a specific TA, include their name or description as well as the approximate time you were in the Learning Center.

Organic Chemistry Learning Center JSB 331

Spring 2017

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00 Raphael Ryan Ruixin(Yetta) Han Liz Pillar-­Little Alex Boehm Alex Boehm
10:00 Shashika Bandara Ruixin(Yetta) Han Liz Pillar-­Little Setareh Saryazdi Mehak Sachdeva
11:00 Shashika Bandara Mehak Sachdeva Robby Pace Daniel Burriss  
12:00 Xu(Anna) Fu Kirkbride Loya Melonie Thomas Daniel Burriss  
1:00 Yuvini Perera Kirkbride Loya Melonie Thomas    
2:00 Yuvini Perera   Hope Abdalla    
3:00 Nandini Gudaram Emma Holland Hope Abdalla Yang Sun  
4:00 Nandini Gudaram     Yang Sun  





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