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Minor in Chemistry

The following are the courses required to satisfy a minor in Chemistry:

Courses Hours
MA 113 Calculus I or 4
MA 132 Calculus for the Life Sciences 3
MA 114 Calculus II 4
PHY 211/213 General Physics or 10

PHY 231/241 General University Physics and Laboratory and

PHY 232/242 General University Physics and Laboratory

CHE 105 and 107 General College Chemistry I and II 6
CHE 111 and 113 General Chemistry Laboratory I and II 3
CHE 226 Analytical Chemistry 3
CHE 230/231 Organic Chemistry I and Laboratory I 5
CHE 232/233 Organic Chemistry II and Laboratory II 5
CHE 440G Physical Chemistry or 4
CHE 446G Physical Chemistry for Engineers 3

The most authoritative information about our Chemistry Undergraduate Programs is available in the Bulletin/Course Catalog issued the year the student started the program.