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47th Annual Naff Symposium

The 47th Annual Naff Symposium is centered on the topic of Innovation in Molecular Neuroscience. Recent advances in our understanding of biological processes within the brain have been driven by the development of technology and chemical tools that provide new capabilities to visualize and monitor functional activity.  New chemical probes coupled with advances in technology for in vivo applications has helped to improve our understanding of human neurobiology and neurophysiology. Further innovation in these areas is needed to increase the spatial and temporal resolution of measurements that provide structural and functional information of activity within the brain. Understanding these processes in the context of neurological diseases is essential to the future development of effective therapeutics and treatments for these conditions.

This year’s Naff Symposium will host four world-renowned experts to shed light on this dynamic field:

  • Prof. Erin Calipari, Vanderbilt University, A novel mechanism for hormonal regulation of reward circuits in the brain contributes to addiction vulnerability in females
  • Prof. Tim Harris, Johns Hopkins University, High capacity electrophysiology: How we got here and where we can go
  • Prof. Elizabeth Hillman, Columbia University, Understanding the brain with high-speed 3D imaging of cell structure, function and identity
  • Prof. Baljit Khakh, University of California, Los Angeles, Cells that tile your brain: Astrocyte roles in neural circuits

In addition to the four speakers, the Naff Symposium will also host a poster competition where undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral researchers can showcase their work.

For details about the 47th Annual Naff Symposium, click here.