Our group has three laboratories (each 600-1000 sq. ft.), two molecular beam instruments, and apparatus for laser ablation in gas and liquid phases.  Two labs are used for gas-phase molecular activation and laser spectroscopy, and one lab is devoted to the rational design of nanomaterials. Each molecular beam instrument consists of a laser ablation molecular beam source, an oven, a time-of flight mass/ZEKE/MATI/VMI spectrometer, and a computerized data acquisition system.  For vaporization, photoexcitation or photoionization, we use pulsed lasers, which include two excimer lasers (Lumonics PM884, GAM Ex10/200 ArF), nine Nd:YAG lasers (Surelite II/III & Minilite II; Quanta-Ray GCR-3, Lab-190-10 & Lab-170-50; Lumonics YM800), four dye lasers (Lumonics HD-500) with four frequency doublers (Lumonics HT-1000), and an IR OPO (LaserVision) system.

Each of the molecular beam mass/ZEKE/MATI spectrometer consists of two vacuum chambers.  A cubic chamber houses a Smalley-type laser ablation and an oven supersonic expansion source and is pumped by a 2200 L/s oil diffusion pump.  A six-way-cross chamber houses the spectrometer and is pumped by two 400 or 450 L/s turbo molecular pumps.  The spectrometer consists of a two-stage can-shape extraction assembly, a 34 cm long flight tube, and a dual micro channel plate.  The whole spectrometer is encased in a cylindrical, double-layer m-metal shield.

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