Graduate Student Awards

Each year, faculty members and/or lab supervisors in the Chemistry Department submit nominations for the following student awards.  Award winners are recognized at our Graduation Celebration & Student Awards Ceremony in the Spring.  Each receipient is given a monetary award and a certificate of recognition.

1.  100% Plus Award  Given to the graduate (or undergraduate) student who shows the most exemplary professional attitude.  Such an individual is enthusiastic about his/her research and frequently works nights and weekends, attends most departmental seminars and ACS Section Meetings (even when the talk is not in his/her research area of immediate interest), is interested in and helpful toward the research of other graduate and undergraduate students, tries to keep up with the research literature in his/her field and is responsible in the performance of duties outside of the research area.
2018 / Shardrack Asare and Alexa Riddle
2017 / Mason Daniel
2016 / Rosemary Easterday
2015 / Catherine Denning
2014 / Fan Huang
2013 / John Hoben
2012 / Meng Zhong
2011 / Erin Peters
2.  Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award  The award is based on research accomplishments for the past year.  A summary of that research should be a part of the nomination.  
2018 / Wenjin Cao
2017 / Fan Huang
2016 / Liz Pillar-Little
2015 / Yiyang Liu and Erin Wachter
2014 / Erin Peters
2013 / Amanpreet Kaur
2012 / Anne (Liz) Harman-Ware
2011 / Sudesh Kumari
3.  Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award  Faculty and laboratory supervisors may nominate TAs for this award.
2018 / Robby Pace
2017 / Bradley Stewart
2016 / Ruixin Zhou
2015 / Shubhankar Dutta
2014 / Tim Little
2013 / Bidhya Maharjan
2012 / Uttam Pokharel
2011 / Amanpreet Kaur
4.  Charles H.H. Griffith Outstanding General Chemistry Teaching Assistant Award  To be presented to an outstanding teaching assistant in the General Chemistry program, based on nominations from the faculty and laboratory supervisors.
2018 / Ehigbai Oikeh
2017 / Nathaniel George
2016 / Katie MacMillan
2015 / Daniel Kirchhoff
2014 / Faruk Moonschi
2013 / Timothy Little
2012 / Jessica Harris
2011 / Nathan Fuenffinger
5.  Fast Start Award  Normally presented to a graduate student in his or her first or second year in the Department of Chemistry, who has made outstanding initial overall progress towards his or her degree.  Factors to be considered are performance in courses, initiative in research, and success in cumulative exams.
2018 / Travis Schuyler
2017 / Prasangi Rajapaksha
2016 / Qianxiang Ai
2015 / Namal Wanninayake
2014 / Anthony Petty
2013 / Wenjin Cao
2012 / Elizabeth (Liz) Pillar
2011 / Aaron Swomley


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