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Chemistry Department Reserved Parking

Designated Usage

The Department of Chemistry maintains two (2) parking spaces to accommodate visitors to the department. These spaces have strict guidelines for usage and must be followed or your parking privileges may be revoked. These spaces, numbered four (4) and five (5), are located near 151 Washington Avenue, just outside Bowman Hall. (Google Map)

Parking in these spaces is generally on a first come, first served fashion, but spaces may be reassigned at the Chair’s discretion.

Guest Seminar Speakers

Guest Seminar Speakers are given parking priority on seminar days. If the guest speaker is not driving to campus the faculty member that will be transporting the speaker will be given use of a parking space on seminar days. The main office should be given a vehicle description.

Faculty Search Candidate Escorts

Faculty Search Candidate Escorts have use of reserved parking spaces to transport candidates to/from campus and around campus.  When the escort has been decided they should notify the main office of their reservation date/time along with the vehicle description.

Visitors to the Department of Chemistry with official business within the Department

Faculty or Staff who must leave their current parking spot to go on departmental errands, or on official business.  (This will be monitored closely to avoid abuse of the privilege and will be handled on a need basis.)

Prohibited Usage

All faculty, staff, and students are strictly prohibited from utilizing the Reserved Spaces without prior approval. The spaces may not be requested or used for standard work attendance. The spaces are not a substitute for a day pass or parking permit.

If you forget your permit, please contact Parking & Transportation Services about a day pass.

721 Press Avenue (located inside parking structure)
(859) 257-5757

Monitoring the Space

It is the responsibility of the department to monitor the use of the space. Any vehicle parked in the space without prior reservation, is subject to a citation and/or impoundment at the owner's expense.

Requests for Reserved Parking

All requests for use of the Reserved Parking Space should be submitted to a Department Manager via at least one business day in advance. Please include the following information:

  • Name
  • Date & time of reservation
  • Reason for request
  • Make, model, and color of vehicle
  • Department affiliation (if not Chemistry)

To view availability, please search for "Chemistry Reserved Parking" as a calendar in Outlook (Office365 or the app). Use this tutorial (Coming Soon!) for guidance on adding calendars to Outlook.

Although every effort will be made to accommodate requests, it is inevitable that more than one request will be made for the same day and time. Situations such as these will be treated in a triage fashion, and will be deferred to the Chair for authorization.