Chemistry Department Conference Rooms

Usage Policies

  • The following policies apply to Chemistry Department conference rooms in the Chemistry/Physics building and the Jacobs Science Building.
  • The individual(s) attending and requesting use of Chemistry Department’s conference rooms are responsible for ensuring compliance with all university standards and regulations, including but not limited to:
    • Alcohol – Per AR 6:4, Section VI: "Except as provided in Sections VII and VII of this regulation, alcoholic beverages are PROHIBITED in [c]lassrooms, laboratories, offices, and office suites."  The department interprets this to include the Chemistry Department's conference rooms in the Chemistry/Physics building and the Jacobs Science Building.
    • Code of Conduct (AR 4-10)
    • Minors on Campus (AR 6-12)
    • Tobacco (AR 6-5)
    • Find a complete list of university regulations at
  • Prior to the beginning of each semester, a request for the upcoming semester's reoccurring meetings is sent to the Department via email.  Afterwards, the calendar opens for reservations on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • If an event will occur outside normal business hours, a Chemistry faculty or staff member must be present.
  • Individuals or groups using these spaces should leave the space in the condition in which they found it, or better.  This includes turning off the lights at the conclusion of the event and not propping open the doors without prior approval.

To Reserve

  • If you have linkblue credentials, we recommend visiting this page for view-only calendars to determine availability. 
  • Email or see a Chemistry Department Manager to reserve a meeting room, noting the following:
    • Which room you would like to reserve.
    • What type of event will take place - group meeting, exam, etc.
    • The start time and duration of the planned event.
  • For the Chemistry/Physics Building, please see a Department Manager in CP-125 for room access, if a member of the group using the room does not have swipe access.
  • For cancellations, please notify a Department Manager or send an email to as soon as possible.

Chem-Phys 114A/B

The large space can be divided into two smaller spaces.  Both have projector capabilities and large white boards.

  • CP-114A is the south side of the room and is set up “conference style,” with chairs surrounding a group of tables.  This space can accommodate 30.
  • CP-114B is the north side of the room and is set up “seminar style,” with chairs in rows facing the screen/white boards.  This space works well for group presentations and can also accommodate 30-40 comfortably.
  • Department staff will take care of moving the divider when an event calls for the entire space; otherwise, the divider will remain in place.

Chem-Phys 114C

  • This room also has a white board and a monitor for presentation purposes.  It accommodates up to 12 people.