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ChemCats is a branch of a national organization for any students of any major interested in chemistry. By joining ChemCats, you are associating yourself with the American Chemical Society (ACS), the largest scientific society in the world and one of the oldest professional societies in the United States.

ChemCats can provide you with many opportunities to serve your community, to engage socially with other people interested in chemistry and to learn about the amazing research projects professors are working on right here at UK. We encourage all students to join ChemCats, which involves only a small fee of $24. All majors are welcome, not just chemistry!

If you are interested in joining the UK chapter of ChemCats, simply come by our next meeting (normally the first Wednesday of the month, but subject to change) or contact one of our Membership officers:


Darcy Adreon

Classfication: Junior

Major: B.S. Biochemistry, B.A. Spanish, Pre-Medicine

Why Chemistry? It is the field that connects the entire universe. I study chemistry to gain a better understanding of the world around me and my role within it. 


Linda Omali

Classification: Junior

Major(s): B.S. Biochemistry, pre-med track

Why Chemistry? To know big, you have to start small - chemistry does just that. With chemistry, biochemistry specifically, I have a better grasp of how the world works, and how we function in it.



Isaac Huffman

Classification: Junior

Major(s): Chemistry, biochemistry track

Why Chemistry? I love chemistry because it is a fundamental aspect of almost every area of life. The most exciting field of chemistry for me is natural product chemistry.


Sam Chasen

Classification: Senior

Major(s): B.S. Chemistry

Why Chemistry? I really enjoy the challenge and problem solving skills that chemistry provides me into becoming a future chemist.

Academic Events Chair

Jack Altman

Classification: Junior

Major(s): Biology, Pre-medicine

Why Chemistry? I have always been extremely interested in science, but I specifically love chemistry because there are so many different components to chemistry that relate to my desired career of being a physician.

Social Media Chair

Isha Chauhan

Classification: Sophomore

Major(s): Biology

Why Chemistry? Even though it has always been an incredibly challenging subject for me, the rigor of chemistry has taught me how applicable it is in every avenue of my science career. I am excited to integrate it more into my life as social media chair!


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