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Graduate Student
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Chemistry, Graduate student
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CP 216
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Graduate Student
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Antibiotic resistance, Gram-negative cell envelope, Sepsis, Bacterial pathogenesis
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Graduate Student, Chemistry
Environmental Chemistry, Organic Chemistry
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Design and Synthesis of Materials, Cancer Drug Discovery
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Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Chemistry
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Biological Chemistry, Synthetic Medicinal Chemistry
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Computational chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Electrochemistry
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molecular dynamics, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, Enzymes, Physical Chemistry, Biophysical Chemistry
125 Chemistry-Physics Building
(859) 218-5406
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Biomass and Lignin Chemistry
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Graduate Student
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Graduate Teaching/Research Assistant
Analytical and Environmental Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry
CP 150c, 505 Rose street, Lexington, UKY.
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Graduate student
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Graduate Student
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Graduate Research Assistant
Biomass conversion, Biofuel, Heterogenous Catalysis
2540 Research Park Drive
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Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry
CP 245, Chemistry Physics Building
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Chemistry-Physics Building Lab 006
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Teaching Assistant
Environmental catalysis, Heterogeneous catalysis, Computational chemistry
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Electrochemistry, Material Sciences, Radiochemistry, Nuclear Sciences, Analytical and Environmental Chemistry