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2023 Naff Photo Gallery


The 48th Annual Naff Symposium is centered on the topic of Oxidative Stress in Neurodegeneration: Focus on Alzheimer Disease.

This year’s Naff Symposium hosted three world-renowned experts to shed light on this dynamic field:

  • Prof. Barry Halliwell, National University of Singapore - "Is Ergothioneine a Factor Against Neurodegeneration and a Promotor of Healthy Ageing?"
  • Prof. Marzia Perluigi, Sapienza University of Rome - "Redox Imbalance and Metabolic Defects in the Brain of Down Syndrome Individuals: a Synergistic Path to Alzheimer's Neurodegeneration"
  • Prof. Mark Mattson, Johns Hopkins University "Sculptor and Destroyer"

For details about the 48th Annual Naff Symposium, click here.