Doo Young Kim

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B. S. Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea
M. S. Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea
Ph. D. University of Texas at Austin
Graduate Training: 
Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Materials Chemistry

The Kim group is pursuing research in the area of electrochemical energy-storage/conversion and electrochemical biosensing. We are particularly interested in utilizing carbon-based materials combined with conducting polymers and metal oxides. Various physical, electrochemical, and spectroscopic characterizations are employed to understand structure-function relationship and enhance the performance of materials. Followings are the projects which we are pushing currently.       

1. Efficient energy storage devices such as supercapacitor and batteries: We are developing highly efficient energy storage materials with high energy/power densities and good cyclic stability. Research is being conducted with a variety of carbon materials (onion-like carbons, graphene nanoplatelets (GNPs), and sp3-bonded nanodiamond), which can be further modified with metal-oxide and conductive polymers to enhance pseudo-capacitance. We are also interested in modifying the electrode surface and interface via electrochemical method in order to tailor the electronic and electrochemical properties.

2. Advanced electrocatalyst and catalyst support system for polymer exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs): High cost, rareness, limited lifetime of Pt electrocatalyst and the deterioration of its catalytic activity during the extended running cycles are the critical hurdles for launching PEMFC in the commercial market, especially in the transportation application. Our approach are being taken in two directions: (i) to develop alternative catalyst materials using heteroatom doping into carbon nanomaterials and (ii) to improve support stability by non-traditional sp3-bonded carbon (conductive diamond). Research will include material synthesis, elecrochemical analysis, and characterizations with X-ray diffraction, Raman spectroscopy, electron microscopy, and electrochemical test.

3. Fluorescent carbon nanodots (FCNs): Fluorescent carbon nanodots (FCNs) are emerging nano-materials with promising properties for many applications such as bioimaging,  sensing, photocatalysis, and photovoltaics. A confined, conjugated sp2-bonded carbon core surrounded by a shell of chemical functional groups can produce bright, photostable and tunable photoluminescence. Our research is being broadly conducted, including : (i) synthesis of FCNs, (ii) spectroscopic studies in ensemble and at single-particle level (iii) heteroatom doping to tune opitcal properties, and (iv) chemical and electrochemical treatments of FCNs.

4. Electroanalysis, electrochemical sensing, and neuroscience: Detecting the release or uptake of neurotransmitter in biological tissue (e.g. brain tissue) is an important research area and critical for understanding the metabolism and development of related drugs. Electrochemical method is a powerful method of identifying and quantifying the neurotransmitters. We are pursuing the research to understand structure-function relationship of electrode materials and to develop high-performance macro- and micro-electrode with high selectivity and sensitivity by combining electrochemical methods with spectroscopic tools.

Selected Publications: 

1. Yang, Juchan, Kim, Doo Young* “Probing electrochemical properties of carbon nano-onions for biosensing applications" in preparation (2013)

2. Liu, Yiyang; Kim, Doo Young* “Electrochemcial Oxidation of Nanodiamond Derived Carbon Nano-onions” to be submitted (2013)

3. Ji Eun Park,Ying Wu, Kimberly Cornish Carmony, Zachary Miller, Do-Min Lee, Kim, Doo Young , Wooin Lee,Kyung-Bo Kim* "A Single 20S Proteasome Identity Revealed by a FRET-Based Strategy" submitted to Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. (2013)

4, Borgohain, Rituraj; Yang, Juchan; Selegue, John P*.; Kim, Doo Young* “Controlled Synthesis, Purification, and Electrochemical Properties of Carbon Nano-onions Prepared via Under Water Arc-discharge” Carbon, 66, 272-284 (2014)

5. Kim, Hyoun W.; Kim, Hyo S.; Na, Han G.; Yang, Ju C.; Bae, Joon H. Kim, Sung S.; Cheong, Hyeonsik; Kim, Doo Young* “Synthesis and Characterizations of Sb2O4 Nanowire Prepared by Heating the Sb2S3 Powder” Electrochem. Solid Sate Lett. (2012) 15(6), K49-K52

6. Kim, Doo Young; Yang, Juchan; Kim, Hyoun Woo, Swain, Greg M., “Electron transfer Kinetics of Ferrocene Carboxylic Acid (FCA) in Boron-doped Diamond Electrode in Ionic Liquid and Aqueous Electrolyte” Electrochim. Acta (2013), 94, 49-56

7. Li, Liangliang; Kim, Doo Young; Swaing, Greg M. “Transient Formation of Chromate in Trivalent Chromium Process (TCP) Coatings on AA2024 as Probed by Raman Spectroscopy” J. Electrochem. Soc. (2012), 159(8), C326-C333

8. Sasaki, Isao; Swope, Vernon M.; Ay, Ayten; Kim, Doo Young; Swain, G. M. “Microstructureal Stability of Electrically Conducting Diamond Powder during Potentiostatic Polarization in Aqueous Acid as Probed Using Electrochemical Methods and In Situ Raman Spectroscopy” J. Electrochem. Soc. (2011), 158(11), B1446

9. Kim, Doo Young; Wang, Jian; Yang, Juchan, Kim, Hyoun Woo; Swain, Greg M.,“Electrolyte and Temperature Effects on the Electron Transfer Kinetics of Fe(CN)6-3/-4 at Boron-Doped Diamond Thin Film Electrodes”, J. Phys. Chem. C (2011), 115(20), 10026

10. Hyoun Woo Kim, Hyo Sung Kim, Han Gil Na, Ju Chan Yang, Rino Choi, Jae Kyeong Jeong, Chongmu Lee, Kim, Doo Young One-step fabrication and characterization of silica-sheathed ITO nanowire” Journal of Solid State Chemistry, (2010), 183, 249

11. Kim, Doo Young; Merzougui, Belabbes; Swain, Greg M., “Preparation and Characterization of Glassy Carbon Powder Modified with a Thin Layer of Boron-Doped Ultrananocrystalline Diamond (B-UNCD)”, Chemistry of Materials (2009),21(13), 270

12. Kim, Doo Young; Grey, John K.;Barbara, Paul F. “A Bimodal Density of States for Conjugated Polymers”, Synthetic Metals (2006),156(2-4), 33

13. Lee, Young Jong; Kim, Doo Young; Barbara, Paul F.,“Effect of Sample Preparation andExcitation Conditions on the Single Molecule Spectroscopy of Conjugated Polymers”Journal of Physical Chemistry B (2006), 110(20), 9739.

14. Grey, John K.; Kim, Doo Young; Lee, Young Jong; Gutierrez, Jose J.; Luong, Nam; Ferraris, John P.; Barbara, Paul F., “Single Molecule Studies of Electronic Energy Transfer in a Diblock Conjugated Polymer”Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. (2005), 44(38), 6207. 

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