05|13|15 - First Annual UK Postdoctoral Symposium -

They conduct lab research and teach classes, but they are neither faculty nor graduate students. Postdoctoral scholars, or postdocs, serve an important role at UK, a research institution. However, they are scattered across various departments and have not always had an opportunity to meet and share their work.

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05|12|15 - UK Board Approves Four University Research Professorships -

The University of Kentucky Board of Trustees today approved University Research Professorships for 2015-16 for four faculty members.

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05|07|15 - UK Certification Program Targets Wine, Brewing, Distilling Industries -

For several years, University of Kentucky students have been able to take classes related to the wine, beer and distilled spirits industries.

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05|07|15 - UK Students to Inspire Future Astronauts at Space Camp Turkey -

Two University of Kentucky seniors have been chosen for internships with Space Camp Turkey.

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05|04|15 - STEMCats End Spring Semester Strong with Research -

In the fall of 2014, a group of 235 incoming students became the first class of STEMCats at the University of Kentucky. This week, they are not only wrapping up their first year at UK

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First Annual Postdoctoral Research Symposium
The Society of Postdoctoral Scholars at the University of Kentucky is hosting a...
@ William T. Young Library Auditorium



Dr. Lynn Loo
Chemistry Department Seminar
Dr. Lynn Loo of...
@ CP-114A/B


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