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Welcome to the Department of Chemistry at UK. The department provides a friendly, yet rigorous instructional environment in the forefront areas of chemistry at the undergraduate (B.A. and B.S.) and graduate (M.S. and Ph.D.) levels.

A particular strength of our programs is the emphasis on original research, even at the undergraduate level. Chemistry majors garner the knowledge and skills to succeed in their chosen professions, whether continuing to graduate school to become research scientists, to industry, or to professional schools.

The faculty of the department have extensive research programs in analytical, biological, inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry. Current research facilities include seven NMR spectrometers, two X-ray diffractometers, several mass spectrometers, and a myriad of smaller-scale instrumentation.

Let me invite you to browse these web pages for further details about the department, our academic programs, the faculty and their research.


If you have not visited the Department and the UK campus recently, you will be surprised how things have changed.  Construction seems to be everywhere!  A new Academic Science Building (ASB), which will be sited on Rose Street across from the Thomas Hunt Morgan Building, should open for classes in the 2016 fall semester.  This $100M structure will house most of the undergraduate teaching functions of the Department and all of the instructional laboratories.

The Chemistry-Physics Building has also undergone a facelift.  An Einstein Brothers Bagels restaurant now greets you as you enter the building from Rose Street.   In order to house this dining facility, our conference/seminar room was renovated.  In exchange, a Chemistry teaching lab was remodeled into a larger, brighter conference room space, which includes a kitchen and an additional small meeting room.  A room in the basement was also renovated for an advanced chemistry teaching lab.

The addition of Einstein Brothers Bagels led to a total of nearly 6000 square feet of newly renovated space for the Department of Chemistry.  This transformation was not without some inconvenience for those studying and working in this building, but those difficulties will soon be forgotten.  Students have already made their decision about the value of this facility.   They have voted with their feet as evinced by the lines outside the door.

This is an exciting time for our Department, our College, and our University.  You are welcome to be a part of it.

Steven W. Yates
Interim Chair, Department of Chemistry

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