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Professor of Chemistry, and of Biochemistry
Enzymes, redox catalysis, flavin-mediated reactions, flavin redox, and photochemistry, enzyme-functionalized electrodes and membranes, spectroscopy, mechanistic enzymology, enzyme engineering
CP 113, Chemistry-Physics Building, Lab CP 106
email: afm@uky.edu
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graduate student
Bioanalytical Chemistry, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Biochemistry of Cancer
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Graduate Student
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Department Manager Associate
125 Chemistry/Physics, 101F Thomas Hunt Morgan
859-257-3804 (Department of Biology)
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161E Jacobs Science Building
(859) 257-5884
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Professor Emeritus
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Biological Chemistry
Biological Chemistry
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Graduate Student
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Graduate Student
Material Sciences, Physical Chemistry, Computational chemistry, density functional theory
200 CAER Lab 2
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Graduate student
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Chemistry, Graduate student
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Chemistry-Physics Building Lab 006
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Biological Chemistry, Drug discovery