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Professor Emerita of Chemistry
Systematics of packing in molecular crystals, Space-group frequencies, Pseudosymmetric and high-Z' structures, Sequences of phase transitions
148C Chemistry-Physics Building
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The Alumni Association Endowed Professor of Biological Chemistry, 249 Chem-Phys, 859-257-3184, Director, Redox Metabolism Shared Resource Facility, Markey Cancer Center, 225 HSRB, 859-323-0476, Faculty, Sanders-Brown Center on Aging, Faculty Associate, Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Research Center, Associate Vice President for Research
249 Chemistry-Physics Building
859-257-3184 (office), 859-323-9985 (fax)
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Ab-Initio Simulations, Molecular Dynamics Simulations, molecular dynamics, density functional theory, Organic Semiconductors, Organic Photovoltaics, pi-conjugated polymers
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Associate Professor
27 Chemistry-Physics Building
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Chemistry & Physics Librarian
310D Science Library
(859) 257-4074
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Department Manager
125 Chemistry Physics Building
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Biomass and Lignin Chemistry
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Professor Emeritus
Laser Spectroscopy, Astrochemistry, Molecules in space, Reactive intermediates, Upper atmospheric chemistry, Photophysics, Combustion chemistry, Main group transient molecules and free radicals, Gas-phase ions, Mass spectrometry
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Graduate Student, Chemistry
Environmental Chemistry, Organic Chemistry
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B.S Chemistry
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CP 216
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Professor of Chemistry, Associate Director, Biofuels & Environmental Catalysis, CAER
Biomass conversion, Environmental catalysis, CO2 utilization using microalgae
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