Peter Kekenes-Huskey

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  • Assistant Professor
  • Chemistry
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219 Chemistry-Physics Building
Research Interests:

University of California San Diego, NIH/AHA Postdoctoral Fellow

California Institute of Technology, Chemistry, Ph.D.

University of North Carolina - Asheville, Chemistry, B.S.


My research reflects a long history of exploiting computation to solve problems in biology, chemistry and physics. From 1999 to 2001 at the University of North Carolina – Asheville (UNCA) and under the guidance of Professors Bert Holmes and George Heard I used ab initio quantum chemistry methods to model unimolecular decomposition reactions. Following UNCA, from 2001 to 2002 I fulfilled a Fulbright Fellowship at the Freie Universitat – Berlin, where I used in silico drug design software to understand the binding of estrogenic molecules to the estrogen receptor.  Beginning in 2002 at Caltech, I worked with Professor William A. Goddard, III developing methodologies for protein design and ligand conformational sampling for large, highly-flexible compounds.  In 2005, I interned at Sandia National Labs with Paul Crozier, where I investigated the thermodynamics of monovalent ion flux through nanoporous silica. From 2007 until 2010, I was employed as a staff scientist at Arete Associates, where I was responsible for finding creative and technical solutions to challenges in national security. Solutions to these challenges included simple image processing techniques to complex tasks of physics-based modeling and the detection of weak signals in clutter and noise. From 2010 until 2014, I worked with Professors Andy McCammon and Andrew McCulloch at UCSD and the National Biomedical Computational resource in developing multi-scale tools for cardiac modeling. I joined the University of Kentucky faculty in chemistry in 2014, where I continue to develop and apply tools for building a quantitative perspective of biological systems.



We are broadly interested in multi-scale simulations of small molecule signaling in cells, particularly processes that pertain to cardiac function. Techniques include molecular dynamics, reaction-diffusion partial differential equations, homogenization theory and systems biology. 

PubMed Publications*: 
  • Sun, B ;Stewart, BD ;Kucharski, AN ;Kekenes-Huskey, PM "Thermodynamics of Cation Binding to the Sarcoendoplasmic Reticulum Calcium ATPase Pump and Impacts on Enzyme Function." Journal of chemical theory and computation 15, 4 (2019): 2692-2705. Details.
  • Colli, DF ;Sankarankutty, AC ;Sachse, FB ;Frisk, M ;Louch, WE ;Kekenes-Huskey, PM "A Matched-Filter-Based Algorithm for Subcellular Classification of T-System in Cardiac Tissues." Biophysical journal 116, 8 (2019): 1386-1393. Details. Full text
  • Wagh, P ;Zhang, X.;Blood, R ;Kekenes-Huskey, PM ;Rajapaksha, P ;Wei, Y ;Escobar, IC "Increasing Salt Rejection of Polybenzimidazole Nanofiltration Membranes via the Addition of Immobilized and Aligned Aquaporins." Processes (Basel, Switzerland) 7, 2 (2019): Details.
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  • Stewart, BD ;Scott, CE ;McCoy, TP ;Yin, G ;Despa, F ;Despa, S ;Kekenes-Huskey, PM "Computational modeling of amylin-induced calcium dysregulation in rat ventricular cardiomyocytes." Cell calcium 71, (2018): 65-74. Details. Full text
  • Sun, B ;Cook, EC ;Creamer, TP ;Kekenes-Huskey, PM "Electrostatic control of calcineurin's intrinsically-disordered regulatory domain binding to calmodulin." Biochimica et biophysica acta. General subjects 1862, 12 (2018): 2651-2659. Details. Full text
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  • Scott, CE ;Kekenes-Huskey, PM "Molecular Basis of S100A1 Activation at Saturating and Subsaturating Calcium Concentrations." Biophysical journal 110, 8 (2016): 1907. Details. Full text
  • Lindert, S ;Cheng, Y.;Kekenes-Huskey, P ;Regnier, M ;McCammon, JA "Effects of HCM cTnI mutation R145G on troponin structure and modulation by PKA phosphorylation elucidated by molecular dynamics simulations." Biophysical journal 108, 2 (2015): 395-407. Details. Full text
  • Kekenes-Huskey, PM ;Gillette, AK ;McCammon, JA "Erratum: "Predicting the influence of long-range molecular interactions on macroscopic-scale diffusion by homogenization of the Smoluchowski equation" J. Chem. Phys. 140, 174106 (2014) ." The Journal of chemical physics 142, 10 (2015): 109902. Details. Full text
  • Kekenes-Huskey, PM ;Eun, C ;McCammon, JA "Enzyme localization, crowding, and buffers collectively modulate diffusion-influenced signal transduction: Insights from continuum diffusion modeling." The Journal of chemical physics 143, 9 (2015): 094103. Details. Full text
  • Cheng, Y.;Lindert, S ;Kekenes-Huskey, P ;Rao, VS ;Solaro, RJ ;Rosevear, PR ;Amaro, R ;McCulloch, AD ;McCammon, JA ;Regnier, M "Computational studies of the effect of the S23D/S24D troponin I mutation on cardiac troponin structural dynamics." Biophysical journal 107, 7 (2014): 1675-85. Details. Full text
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