Masoumeh Dorrani

  • PhD Candidate
  • T.A in Analytical Chemistry/ General Chemistry
  • Chemistry
A061 ASTeCC Building
Research Interests:
Selected Publications: 

1.  Jafarpour*,F., Shamsianpour, M., Issazadeh, S., Dorrani, M., Hazrati H., "Palladium-catalyzed direct arylation of maleimides: A simple route to bisaryl-substituted maleimides", Tetrahedron73, (2017), 1668-1672.

2. Faridbod*, F., Dorrani, M., "Clenbuterol Determination in Pharmaceutical Formulation by Potentiometric Membrane Sensor", Int. J. Electrochem. Sci., 10, (2015), 1447 - 1458.

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