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Masoumeh Dorrani

Dr. Bert Lynn's research group

Selected Publications:


1. Masoumeh Dorrani & Bert C. Lynn, "Application of lithium cationization tandem mass spectrometry for structural analysis of lignin model oligomers with B-B and B-O-4 linkages" Anal. Bioanal. Chem, 2022.  

2.Ryan M. Kalinosky, Wenqi Li, Justin K. Mobley, Shardrack O. Asare, Masoumeh Dorrani, Bert C. Lynn, Xiaowen Chen, Jian Shi*,  "Antimicrobial Properties of Corn Stover Lignin Fractions Derived from Catalytic Transfer Hydrogenolysis in Supercritical Ethanol with a Ru/C Catalyst", ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng., 2020, 8, 50, 18455-18467.

3.  Jafarpour*,F., Shamsianpour, M., Issazadeh, S., Dorrani, M., Hazrati H., "Palladium-catalyzed direct arylation of maleimides: A simple route to bisaryl-substituted maleimides", Tetrahedron73, (2017), 1668-1672.

4.  Faridbod*, F., Dorrani, M., "Clenbuterol Determination in Pharmaceutical Formulation by Potentiometric Membrane Sensor", Int. J. Electrochem. Sci., 10, (2015), 1447 - 1458. 

Selected Presentations:

1. "Target-directed evolution of metabolites in plant cells. Semi-synthetic lobinaline N-oxides" Presenter: M. Dorrani, Co-authors: B.C. Lynn (Chemistry), D.T. Rogers, J. Littleton, K. Bruce, N. Meredith (Naprogenix Inc), 47th annual Naff symposium, April 2022, Lexington, KY (Conference poster)

2. “Synthesis and (+) ESI-Mass spectrometry based analysis of new advanced lignin model compounds”, Masoumeh Dorrani, Bert C. Lynn, ACS National Meeting, Aug. 2021, Atlanta, GA (Conference talk)

3. “Valorization of lignin through a mild organosolv treatment of biomass” Masoumeh Dorrani, Bert C. Lynn,  The 71st Southeastern Regional Meeting of ACS, Oct. 2019, Savannah, GA (Conference poster).