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Mathematics of Physical Chemistry Bootcamp

Our bootcamp provides students an introduction or refresher to a few key mathematical and numerical approaches that they will encounter in class and research. The boot camp is voluntary and open to graduate students or ambitious undergraduates interested in reviewing mathematical methods and their physical chemistry applications. The classes will meet on two Saturday mornings around the first week of classes. Each session will be be motivated by an application in physical chemistry and will review the mathematical modeling and solutions necessary to explore the problems. he format for each session will entail two lectures and hands-on tutorials. The lectures will outline the mathematics and theory behind a given problem, while the tutorials will focus on the practical tools to approach the challenge. Outcomes include working knowledge of common mathematical concepts in physical chemistry and numerical tools used to solve such problems.

The Mathematics of Physical Chemistry Boot Camp is free, but students will need materials such as pen and paper, and it is highly recommended that they bring a laptop and the text "Mathematical Tools for Physics."

Due to COVID, the bootcamp is postponed until further notice.  Once reinstated, this page will offer registration and more information closer to the annual event. Check this page or send an email for more details.


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