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Graduate Student
Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry
CAER Lab 1
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Graduate Student
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molecular dynamics, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, Enzymes, Physical Chemistry, Biophysical Chemistry
125 Chemistry-Physics Building
(859) 218-5406
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Analytical Chemistry, Neuroscience, Biophysical Chemistry
CP 212
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Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry
CP 245, Chemistry Physics Building
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Electrochemistry, Material Sciences, Radiochemistry, Nuclear Sciences, Analytical and Environmental Chemistry
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Graduate Student
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Graduate Student
Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
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Graduate Student
Computational chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Materials Chemistry
200 CAER Lab 2
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Guzman Lab
150-B CP
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Biomass and Lignin Chemistry
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Graduate Student, Chemistry
Environmental Chemistry, Organic Chemistry
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B.S Chemistry
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CP 216
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Inorganic Chemistry, Materials Chemistry
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Biological Chemistry
Analytical and Biological Chemistry
Chemistry Graduate School
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Graduate Research Assistant
Mass spectrometry, Organic Chemistry, Lignin and Plant Secondary Metabolites, Analytical Chemistry
A056 ASTeCC Building
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Graduate Student
Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
CAER 200
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Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Chemistry
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Biological Chemistry, Synthetic Medicinal Chemistry
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Graduate Teaching/Research Assistant, Graduate student
Perovskite Solar cells, Ligand binding efffect on the energetics and optical properties of perovskites, Photoelectron spectroscopy, Materials