General Chemistry Learning Center

The General Chemistry Learning Center is located in JSB-219 and is open to any student needing help with 100-level general chemistry classes. All help is provided on a drop-in basis by TAs from the general chemistry lab courses.
Please note that the TAs staffing the Learning Center are not there to do your online homework for you. If you need help with your online homework, bring your written work so that the TA can help you find your error. If you are unable to start a problem on the online homework, we will be happy to work through a similar problem with you and allow you to attempt the homework problem on your own.
If you have any questions or concerns about the Learning Center, please contact Dr. Lisa Blue.  For concerns about a specific TA, include their name or description as well as the approximate time you were in the Learning Center.


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9-10 AM Nur Ali Shanshan Wang Megan Smidebush Abigail Florence Heather Everson
  Sam Ofori Somin Park Nicole Rummel Somin Park Sam Ofori
  Jimmie Bullock Aaron Swomley Allison Wolfe Aaron Swomley Heather Everson
10-11 AM Nur Ali Somin Park Nicole Rummel Pramudi Abeydeera Iris Begum
  Amber Bowman Karly Kindoll Allison Wolfe Ehigbai Oikeh Iris Begum
11-12 PM Jimmie Bullock Nathaniel George Nathaniel George Tyler Mertens Heather Everson
  Nur Ali Zachary Kelley Nicole Rummel   Xiao Tan
  Abdullah Al Masud AJ Bradley Jillian Cramer AJ Bradley Iris Begum
  Md Aslam Uddin Amber Bowman Nabin Panth Amber Bowman Shanshan Wang
12-1 PM Nabin Panth Zachary Kelley Sam Ofori Md Aslam Uddin Tiffany Ko
  Abdullah Al Masud Aaron Thompson Jimmie Bullock Aaron Thompson Nabin Panth
  Allison Wolfe AJ Bradley Tiffany Ko Joseph Duke Pramudi Abeydeera
1-2 PM Zachary Kelley Joseph Duke Ting Wang Md Nasir Uddin Shanshan Wang
  Jonathan Davies Aaron Swomley Kanthi Nuti Kanthi Nuti Ehigbai Oikeh
  Madison Ries Madison Ries Md Ariful Hoque Md Nasir Uddin Aaron Thompson
2-3 PM Tiffany Ko Yuting Zhang Megan Smidebush Tyler Mertens Ting Wang
  Abdullah Al Masud Madison Ries Md Ariful Hoque Kanthi Nuti Ehigbai Oikeh
  Jonathan Davies Md Ariful Hoque Md Aslam Uddin Md Nasir Uddin Nathaniel George
3-4 PM Masoumeh Dorrani Md Sohel Rana Megan Smidebush Xiao Tan Ting Wang
  Austin Smith Masoumeh Dorrani Jonathan Davies Joseph Duke CLOSED
4-5 PM Masoumeh Dorrani Md Sohel Rana Md Sohel Rana Xiao Tan CLOSED
  Tyler Mertens Pramudi Abeydeera Yuting Zhang Yuting Zhang CLOSED





  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


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