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Dr. Byron Hempel | Where Are They Now?

Byron Hempel Chemistry Biological-Chemistry BS 2014 Teaches Environmental Engineering at University of Arizona and Climbs Mount Lemmon. Dr. Arthur Cammers and Dr. Byron Hempel met for lunch at the Local Taco by UK in Lexington


Dr. Steven Chapman | Where Are They Now?

Arthur Cammers: Steven, remind me again when you graduated ... I remember that I was DUS at the time. 

Steven Chapman: I graduated from UK in 2016 with a chemistry major. During undergrad I worked in Susan Odom’s lab for about 3 years studying two-electron donating electrolytes for redox flow batteries.

Anna Fatta | Student Spotlight

Arthur Cammers: I know you love the great outdoors ... and I know you are super curious about science. What's the back story? What influences created the current Anna? 

LGBTQ+ Chemists - Celebrate Pride Month

The Chemistry Department honors the amazing contributions of the LGBTQ+ community to the field of Chemistry. For more information on LGBTQ+ Chemists, please visit the following link.

LGBTQ+ chemists you should know about

Through the lens of LGBTQ chemists