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Chemistry Department Support Form

Form Information:

  • Login using linkblue credentials is required to access this form.
  • Up to five individuals can be entered per submission but multiple forms can be submitted, if necessary.  
  • A draft can be saved and finished at a later time.  However, only one draft can be saved at a time.
  • Verification of a correct and complete submission will be indicated by a confirmation email.
  • Any subsequent changes after submission can be made by forwarding the email confirmation to chemistry@uky.edu with updates/corrections noted.  Resubmission of the webform is not required.
    • Due to scheduling difficulties, status changes (e.g. TA to an RA, TA to a RA, etc.) may only be made up to two weeks prior to the beginning of the next semester.
  • Questions and/or errors in the form can be sent to chemistry@uky.edu.

Payroll & Financial Information:

  • For any employee whose support will be ending prior to the last day of the semester, please provide an end date (and any other information) in the respective Notes field.
  • For any new hire to your group please provide contact information (an email address will suffice) in the respective Notes field.
  • Faculty members using grants external to the college are, upon submission of the support form, certifying that the proper funds are available in grants provided (or described) therein.  Verify with your grants/accounts manager(s) prior to submitting your support form and provide his/her contact information in the respective Notes field.
  • All payroll requests are subject to authorization, including confirmation of funding availability by the college and/or approval by payroll departments prior to processing.
  • Federal law dictates that no one can begin working without a valid I-9.
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