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Chemistry Department Access Request

Read below prior to submitting a request.
Use this form to request access to the Chemistry/Physics building and labs or rooms within the Chemistry Department. Submission of this form does not automatically provide access. The necessary administrator(s) will review the request and staff will provide notification by email once access can be granted or keys issued.
  • Access to the Chemistry-Physics building and/or labs will require an ID card issued by the Wildcard ID Office.
  • Expect at least 1 to 3 business days for processing plus the time to acquire authorization from research advisor(s) and/or approving officials.
  • The keys and/or use of a swipe card become the user's responsibility once accepted. If a key or swipe card is lost or stolen, this must be immediately reported to a staff member in CP-125 and/or via an email to chemistry@uky.edu. If a physical key has been lost, please prepare to complete this form as well.
  • Swipe access that is no longer required must be immediately reported to chemistry@uky.edu.
  • Key(s) that are no longer required must be immediately returned to CP-125.
  • Requesting access to certain rooms/equipment will require authorization from specific staff or faculty, in addition to research advisor(s) and/or completion of supplemental procedures. Contact the administrators and ensure completion of training and/or documentation to prevent delay in processing.
    • ​High school students and volunteers working in a lab must complete required procedures. High school students and volunteers cannot work unsupervised in any lab.
    • Minors working in a lab are required to complete the procedures found here. Minors cannot work unsupervised in any lab.
    • Autoclave and Bio-imager access requires training/authorization provided by Dr. David Heidary.
    • CD access requires training/authorization provided by Dr. Yinan Wei.
    • DSC, TGA and FTIR (ATR) access requires training/authorization provided by Dr. John Selegue.
    • EPR and Fluorimeter access requires training/authorization provided by Dr. Anne-Frances Miller.
    • GCMS access requires training/authorization from Dr. Mark Watson.
    • NMR access requires authorization from Dr. Justin Mobley.
    • Raman access requires training/authorization provided by Dr. Doo Young Kim.
  • After-hours building access cannot issue to volunteers, high school students, and/or undergraduates in combination with access to active research labs containing hazardous materials or instruments.
  • Any use of equipment or instruments for which proper training has not been completed and certified is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  • By requesting access to labs and/or instruments, the requesting party certifies completion of safety courses, laboratory specific training, and/or instrument specific training.  Submission of this form represents an electronic signature and compliance to these requirements, responsibilities, and these policies.
  • You can find more information on lab safety at the following links:
  • No information is stored on servers.  It is strongly recommended to retain any resulting emails as record.
  • For questions or to report errors in the form, send an email to chemistry@uky.edu.
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