Picture Name Department Position E-mail Office Phone Number
man223's picture
An, Min Chemistry tearsdrop.an@uky.edu 186 Chemistry-physics building 859-257-3139
jbas222's picture
Jennifer Ashie Chemistry jbas222@uky.edu ASTeCC A061 (859)-218-6551
rrat222's picture
Richa Athalye Chemistry CP 150 B 859-323-0309
srba223's picture
Surya R. Banks Chemistry suryabanks@uky.edu CP 20 (859)-257-5393
mbh222's picture
Minakshi Chemistry T.A in Chemistry, Graduate Student minakshi.bhardwaj@uky.edu CP 325
rborg2's picture
Rituraj Borgohain Chemistry CP020 859-257-5393
mbruz3's picture
Matt Bruzek Chemistry mjbruzek@hotmail.com CAER 249 859-257-0451, 763-229-9801
rrbu224's picture
Rahul Butala Chemistry CP 245 859 257 9881
baca225's picture
Brent Casper Chemistry ASTeCC A061 (859)-218-6551
qch223's picture
Qian Chai Chemistry cp315 8592570541
ych237's picture
Jerry Chang Chemistry ych237@uky.edu CP-148D (270)227-3046
cch238's picture
Chen Chen Chemistry Graduate student/ TA chen_chen@uky.edu 186 Chemistry-physics building 859-619-6223
cade232's picture
Catherine Denning Chemistry
KDI227's picture
Kai Ding Chemistry adrian.ding.1125@gmail.com CP-133 M (3-5PM) F (1-2PM)
sdu224's picture
Shubhankar Dutta Chemistry sdu224@uky.edu CP325 859-229-6961
ajeu222's picture
Alexis Eugene Chemistry 6 Chemistry-Physics Building (859)257-9539
bfe225's picture
Brent Ferrell Chemistry CP 315 859-257-0541
srfi227's picture
Silas Fiefhaus Chemistry CP-7
amfo228's picture
Ashley Fox Chemistry Graduate Student CP 205
ncfu222's picture
Nathan Fuenffinger Chemistry TA ncfu222@uky.edu (814)594-8214


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