Outreach Activities


Discovery Nights coming up at the Living Arts and Sciences Center of Kentucky.

Science Sensation Station at the Explorium

Curriculum-based Demonstrations

Middle School Demonstrations for Core Content Topics - This site provides suggested demonstrations and activities for topics in Kentucky's Core Content for middle schools. You can download a list of the demonstrations we offer as well as a list of the Core Contents annotated with suggested demonstrations for each topic. We welcome additional suggestions.

Demonstrations on Demand

If your group would like a visit from a member of our knowlegeable and enthusiastic outreach team, please email Prof. Anne-Frances Miller. We are happy to put together a program based on your interests, designed to complement your curriculum, or to inform you on current events.

Teachers of Chemistry Resource Group

TEACHERS: we are organizing evening coffee hour-jam sessions wherein we will brainstorm new demonstrations and walk though some lasting favorites. Supplies will be on hand to try some out. We aim to assemble a resource library of protocols that members of the group have found reliable and effective. We also look forward to a chance to meet one-another and form a community that can provide each of us with peer resources and colleagues. To add your name to our mailing list, please email Prof. Anne-Frances Miller.

Fun and Helpful Web Sites (developed outside of the University of Kentucky)

Periodic Tables, etc

Current Topics

Reference Material & Background Information

Demonstrations Resources

Chemistry demonstrations, in-class activities and links to many other informative sites aimed at a high-school level. Click Here.

Lots of good chemistry demonstrations by topic.

Demonstrations created by Indiana University.

Jelly optics.

Cereal-box and CD spectroscope for viewing the colours that make up light from different sources.

Another very nice spectroscope web page with ideas of what to do with your spectroscope.

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